Mahler Farms

Owners: Don and Rhonda Mahler
Location: 5158 Hopewell Rd.
Harrison, AR 72601
Phone: 870-743-6609
Website: (coming soon)

Mahler Farms was established in 2016. We have a five acre farm where all of our produce is grown. We use sustainable growing practices on the farm to provide the best and most nutritious produce to our customers. The produce is picked only when ripe to provide the best taste available.  Each product we grow is selected by what grows successfully in the area and customer preferences.  Some our products are Chandler strawberries, candy onions, pontiac red  and dakoka pearl potatoes, white scallop squash, pickling cucumbers, slicing cucumbers, Arkansas traveler, celebrity, Parks Whopper, Lemon Boy, and more tomatoes, yellow squash, zucchini, radishes, turnips, green beans, cantaloupes, and more.

We also offer a wide variety of homemade jam and jelly. All jam and jelly is made with local produce. It is offered under that name of Hopewell Jelly.  Flavors vary depending on the season and availability.